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A simple 90 minute format with a single panel discussion or one-to-one fireside chat to increase your knowledge through webinars. The live and recorded webinars listed below cover a wide range of topics from the supply chain industry.

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Virtual Master Connect on Global Value Chains and Opportunities for India | Aug 27, 2022

CSCO Genie and Celerity Supply Chain Tribe welcome you in the virtual Master Connect on Global Value Chains and Opportunities for India.

Overview of the Webinar

  1. The global value chains (GVCs) are being reshaped as a result of the Covid-19 outbreak. Multinational corporations (MNCs) are attempting to develop alternative supply chains to mitigate future production shocks. In this environment, India has emerged as an appealing alternative to the traditional GVCs. How can India leverage this and seize the unique opportunity to become a global manufacturing hub.
  2. India aims to reach $2 lakh crore of exports by the end of this decade, equally shared between merchandise and services exports. For India to achieve such an ambitious target, business as usual will not be enough. According to a report by the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, GVC exports are accounting for more than 50 per cent of global exports, no country can maintain strong growth in exports without engaging deeper in GVCs. GVCs offer the opportunity to engage in the most advantageous part of the value chain instead of producing a completed product. Currently, India is a small player in GVCs, how can India substantially increase its role and participation in GVC.

Demand-Driven D2C Supply Chain | August 09, 2022

In the last couple of years, the Direct-to-Consumer model has been gaining traction and digital-first brands are having a dream run in India. It is largely driven by Tier-II, III, and IV cities, or what is called Bharat, where well-off consumers are willing to experiment with products. According to to © Statista 2022, by 2025 in India, the fashion and accessories D2C market is expected to reach USD 43 bn followed by Consumer electronics at USD 30 bn, FMCG at USD 20 Bn, and Home Décor at USD 5 bn.

Supported by – Crest Ai

India - UAE CEPA - Exploring Opportunities to Boost Trade | July 08, 2022

India and UAE signed, a Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (‘CEPA’) to strengthen economic ties and boost trade and investment between both countries which came into effect on 1 May 2022. Through this CEPA, the countries are projected to achieve significant economic benefits in the form of access to quality education, liberalization of customs tariffs, ease of facilitating access to respective markets, and ease of movement of skilled labor to support these economic initiatives.

Key Takeaways from the Webinar –

  • CEPA benefits Indian exporters dealing with the UAE and vice versa
  • Review of the global supply chain to augment trade benefits
  • Evaluation of compliances, Rules of Origin requirements, value addition, etc.
  • Leveraging CEPA to increase exports which could boost merchandise trade to $100 billion over the next five years, against $29 billion in 2019-20

Knowledge Partner: BDO India

Celerity Chief Procurement Officers Forum | March 25, 2022

Theme: ‘Transforming Business Through Procurement’

Many corporations have pledged to work with only those suppliers that adhere to social and environmental compliances. What are the challenges in implementing this policy? How does it reach the Tier 2 / 3 / 4 suppliers? What are the best practices to overcome such challenges? How can companies promote suppliers’ social and environmental responsibility? What kind of technology like Blockchain is used to track vendors?  

Next Frontier in Supply Chain Visibility | Feb 08, 2022

With the ongoing supply chain disruptions leading to delays, visibility enables proactive decision-making, transparency, and trust amongst all stakeholders. Join us to discuss how better visibility translates to fewer disruptions, increased customer satisfaction, and lower costs.

Discussion elements and key takeaways –

  • Need for Intermodal visibility
  • Visibility of FTL Vs parcel visibility
  • Parcel visibility beyond e-commerce
  • In-Plant/Yard logistics management
  • Advanced analytics and smarter decision making

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