All That We Did in 2021

A simple 90 minute format with a single panel discussion or one-to-one fireside chat to increase your knowledge through webinars. The live and recorded webinars listed below cover a wide range of topics from the supply chain industry.

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Grade 'A' Logistics Infra | Dec 10, 2021

Discussion elements and key takeaways –

  • What is Grade ‘A’ Infrastructure?
  • What is the desired build quality to withstand natural calamities?
  • What are the benchmarks?
  • How to build agility & resilience in delivering high velocity / high throughput volumes, especially at month-end/ Quarter end on all fronts like Resources/ MHE / workforce/space, etc.

Celerity Supply Chain Tribe e-Conference & Awards 2021 | Oct 29, 2021

Theme: Post pandemic future of Supply Chain Management

The pandemic has been wreaking havoc in our personal and professional lives and plunging the nation’s growth. It has also brought some encouraging prospects. It has presented a unique opportunity for the country to redefine global supply chain operations. It has helped accelerate the adoption of technology and a modernized way of doing supply chain operations. Outsourcing to 3PL and 4PL service providers may also increase with the evolution of these service providers into key partners.

Sponsored by – Blue Yonder

Real-time Visibility in Logistics | Aug 19, 2021

The past year has seen unprecedented growth in the number of companies implementing real-time transportation visibility platforms (RTTVPs) to streamline their operations.

Key Points of Discussion:

  • Importance of Real-time transportation visibility for shippers and 3PL
  • The unprecedented growth of Real-time transportation visibility
  • Quantitative benefits of Real-time transportation visibility
  • How are quality & onboarding issues being tackled and what are the solutions to it

Fireside Chat with Mr. Shailesh Haribhakti | July 08, 2021

Mr Sanjay Desai in a Fireside Chat with Mr Shailesh Haribhakti. This informal tête-à-tête will cover a variety of topics ranging from Organisational DNA to factors influencing Leadership styles, etc. Join us as we have a senior leader with us who has not just seen it all but has evolved and worked his way through this ecosystem from an early age to reach a place where he was always destined to be.

The Four Pillar Digital Model | June 17, 2021

Key Points of Discussion:

  • The Top down approach For Digital Supply Chain Management
  • The PPT of Implementation
  • Digital maturity in organizations

Gender Diversity Challenges in Leadership today - Policy or Mindset ? | May 27, 2021

Learn about gender diversity at various sections of society with our esteemed panel who have overcome many challenges at individual levels.

Key points of discussion:

  • Is it really a Glass Ceiling effect or is it a mindset in a male-dominated leadership?
  • The different leadership styles that can generalized basis gender.
  • Barriers & challenges for Women leaders, (Staff roles, v/s line roles, family commitments, Self-fulfilling philosophy)

Vaccine Supply Chain and Challenges | April 1, 2021

Learn first hand from the on-field officer and experts on mechanisms of covid vaccine supply chain and the challenges. Key points of discussion: Constraints and challenges for the Vaccine Supply Chain not just in India but globally. Collaborative efforts required between the vaccine producers, and Logistics service providers and the role of technology in alleviating pain points.

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